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Download the bp World Energy app Explore the world of energy from your tablet or smartphone. Customise charts and perform the calculations. Review the data online and offline. Download the app for free from the Apple App Store and Google play store. For 66 years, the BP Statistical Review of World Energy has provided high-quality objective. Thus some of the early cards are crude in design, and their details are often indistinct. To reduce the cost of a Tarot deck, or perhaps because the Major Arcana were not used in the game of Tarroc, these 21 cards were dropped from the pack, as were the four Queens. At a later date.

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Next we use population data with the counts to calculate crude rates for each of the 19 age groups. The populations must be for the same geographic area, sex, race, and years (the sum of the black female populations for 2000-2004 in the SEER 9 registries). In this step, we are calculating the crude, age-specific rates. A crude incidence rate is the number of new cancers of a specific site/type occurring in a specified population during a year, usually expressed as the number of cancers per 100,000 population at risk. It is calculated using the following formula:

AgeCountPopulationCrude Rate
00 years139,87920.7
01-04 years
05-09 years736,2129.1
10-14 years
15-19 years651,39013.4
20-24 years
25-29 years676,35442.9
30-34 years
35-39 years724,826147.9
40-44 years
45-49 years617,437393.2
50-54 years
55-59 years361,170797.7
60-64 years
65-69 years206,2041,366.1
70-74 years
75-79 years142,9581,842.5
80-84 years
85+ years92,6921,839.4

Note: these values were calculated using the SEER 9 registry database from the Nov 2006 submission.

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Fill in the Blanks

Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the word for each blank which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. Manufacturing growth across Asia, Europe and the America eased in current month as heavy price cutting failed to revive ____, providing more evidence that a feeble global economic recovery may be ____ to a halt.

(a) supply, grind (b) demand, grinding

(c) supply, grounding (d) demanding, grind

(e) demanded, going

A Crude Look At The Whole PDF Free Download For Mac

  1. Crude oil markets rose after ____ a five year low rebounding after data suggested that tumbling prices may have started to affect ____ activity in the fast growing US shale oil industry.

(a) hit, drill (b) hitting, drilled

(c) hitting, drilling (d) going, drilled

(e) touching, exhuming

  1. In fact, there is a strong case to promote liquor ____ in high quality factories under regulation so that the ____ of illicit liquor and hooch goes down.

(a) produced, consumption

(b) manufacturing, supply

(c) production, consuming

(d) generation, supply

(e) generated, demand

  1. The government ease foreign direct ____ norms for the construction development sector which is expected to provide a ____ boost to the sector in terms of greater foreign capital inflows.

(a) investment, substance

(b) invention, substantial

(c) investment, substantial

(d) divestment, meagre

(e) investment, superficial

  1. The banks were nationalized in ____ to take banking to the ___ country and all its citizens.

(a) aim, whole (b) order, backward

(c) orderly, entirely (d) order, entire

(e) view, wholly

  1. Cassava grows ____ in South India, but has one problem: it contains a toxin that must be ____ by long soaking in water.

(a) hardly, remove (b) easy, remove

(c) easily, removed (d) hard, removed

(e) Easily, removal

  1. A human journey is ____ when there is someone at the door to ____ them when they get at home.

(a) incomplete, greet (b) complete, ignore

(c) incompetent, ignore (d) complete, greet

(e) complete, great

  1. An adult reader is ____ for his tutor to come along and show him how to ____ a book.

(a) waiting, handle (b) wait, handle

(c) wait, handling (d) waiting, open

(e) waited, open

  1. Operations in steel plant which ____ a major accident is gradually ____ back to normalcy.

(a) suffer, limp (b) occur, limp

(c) sufer , coming (d) suffered, limping

(e) suffered, limped

  1. The new government is ____ a comprehensive revamp of the health insurance scheme for the poor in a move that will ____ further many people.

(a) propose, loss (b) proposing, harm

(c) proposing, benefit (d) proposed, benefit

(e) proposed, harm

  1. A new study has ____ the five most common health issues in men and how to ____ them.

(a) said, arrest (b) stated, shrink

(c) revealed, prevent (d) exposed, react

(e) laid restrict

  1. ____ to the challenge of fighting drug addiction, children have ____ up the task of spreading awareness against drugs,

A Crude Look At The Whole Pdf free. download full

(a) Taking, set (b) Respond, taken

(c) Responding, taken (d) Resolving, set

(e) Contrary, set

  1. The night fabric can do ____ for your frame and as a your confidence.

(a) wonders, consequence (b) marvels, side

(c) good, process (d) remarkably, finish

(e) superb, result

  1. The wheat grains do not meet the ____ standards ____ for procurement of food grains by the government agencies.

(a) total, kept (b) most, meant

(c) excellence, allowed (d) optimistic, placed

(e) quality, prescribed

  1. Students will be ____ on their reading and writing abilities through question papers ____ by the government.

(a) judged, assorted (b) kept, set

(c) tested, provided (d) evaluated, asked


(e) calculated, assigned

  1. Although we ____ stiff competition from countries such as the Philippines, our BPO industry is still huge and hundreds of Indians.

(a) face, employs

(b) experience, maintain

(c) prove, engages

(d) witness, services

(e) note, helps

  1. A language is considered nearly ___ when only a few native speakers ___ it and it is no longer being taught to children.

(a) exhausted, say (b) abolished, speak

(c) extinct, use (d) pass, teat

(e) past, need

  1. We ____ do not pay attention to the 30 minute gaps sand-wiched ____ two meetings.

(a) seldom, in (b) regularly, middle

(c) frequently, within (d) often, between

(e) atleast, among

  1. ____ other cities where lack of education or civic sense might be one of the reasons that may have contribute to issues related to solid waste management, most residents here are ____ of the pros and cons.

(a) Unlike, aware

(b) Inconsistent, conscious

(c) Similarly, known

(d) Contrary, careful

(e) Likewise, sensible

  1. The fact that Saudi Arabia ____ nearly 10 million barrels of crude oil per day is not the ____ reason it has been called “the Central Bank of Oil”.
A Crude Look At The Whole PDF Free Download

(a) removes, alone (b) harvests, just

(c) saves, solely (d) yield, single

(e) produces, only

  1. Rolling the neck is a very simple and effective exercise when it ____ to ____ off the double chin.

(a) comes, fighting

(b) relates, shedding

(c) regards, sloughing

(d) associates, removing

A Crude Look At The Whole PDF Free Download

(e) pertains, edging

  1. The traffic police said that it was not possible to ____ personnel permanently at the spot to prevent the situation because of ____ man power.

(a) send, issue (b) arrange, lack

(c) let, less (d)deploy, insufficient

(e) dispatch, constricted

  1. Your children take ____ of most of your actions and traits, both good and bad, which is why it is ____ that you leave them more good examples that bad.

(a) light, crucial (b) cognizance, urgent

(c) copy, important (d) note, essential

(e) pretence, vital

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  1. The region has already ____ few very long dry spells this season, ____ concern about the survival of the kharif crop.

(a) subjected, posing (b)witnessed, sparking

(c) seen, sensing (d) dealt, generating

(e) suffered, bordering

  1. The forum ____ desired efforts be ___ at the earliest on a sustained basis to create an authentic database.

(a) demanded, initiated (b) suggested, dealt

(c) ask, commenced (d) proclaimed, earned

(e) questioned, made

  1. The proposal has been ____ and will be sent to the cabinet for final ____.

(a) designed, process (b) drafted, approval

(c) amend, sanction (d) said, objection

(e) mentioned, figure

  1. The fake diesel factory was being ____ under the ___ of a dairy.

(a) operated, operation (b) captured, array

(c) functioned, alias (d) run, garb

(e) activated, control

  1. The moment the staff opened the office, unidentified ____, ____ weapons entered and asked the cashier to hand over the keys to the vault.

(a) miscreants,brandishing (b) object, carrying

(c) persons, had (d) people, associating

(e) man, lifting

  1. The singer, who has been very ____ about his faith in the party, also ___ at the grand event.

(a) vocal, performed (b) strong, sang

(c) open, dance (d) loud, came

(e) creative, present

  1. Over the years, the town has ____ popularity as the best ___ for paragliding and pilots from across the world visit it.

(a) acquired, spots (b) claim one

(c) gained, destination (d) sought, wonder

(e) sent, place

31. As many as five DJ’s ____ up at the party, making it a night to ____.

(a) came, recollect (b) drove, memorise

(c) turned, remember (d) jammed, forget

(e) started, stop

  1. Over the next two years, the company will ____ about USD 100 million in ____ up technology and brand building.

(a) indulge, gearing (b) pump, boosting

(c) supply, hiring (d) invest, ramping

(e) spend, upgrading

  1. The government has invested ___ to ___ public transport.

(a) heavily, improved (b) heavy, improve

(c) heavily, improve (d) lightly, improving

(e) with, aggravate

A Crude Look At The Whole PDF Free Download Adobe Reader For Windows 10

  1. This multi-purpose project has demanded ____ investment ____ time and effort.

(a) considerable, of (b) considerable, with

(c) considering, for (d) reflective, for

(e) considered, of

  1. We need to work ____ to remain ____ with other companies.

(a) hardly, competitive (b)harder, competitive

(c) harder, competition (d) hard, calm

(e) heavily, strict

  1. ____ he had mixed success in the past with his new technique; this time around the player had enough ____ up his sleeve to win this match.

(a) Since, talent (b) Despite, drama

(c) Although, tricks (d) Because, energy

(e) Hence, magic

  1. The name of the roles offered to me ____ the strong, funny and dynamic India woman that I had grown up ____.

(a) stated, today (b) said, surrounded

(c) reflected, around (d) depicted, to

(e) assessed, within

  1. The ___ to the free sim-card scheme offered by the telecom company has been ____ and most people expressed complete ignorance about the scheme.

(a) reaction, stupendous (b) access, cordial

(c) contract, simple (d) takers, high

(e) response, abysmal

  1. In our close relations it is easy to come ___ clever men and women, but ____ to find virtuous ones.

(a) find, simpler (b) up, arduous

(c) see, terrible (d) across, difficult

(e) close, impossible

  1. Due to the ____ number of swine-flu cases in the district, the health department has decided to spread ____ about the disease.

(a) raising, alertness

A Crude Look At The Whole Pdf free download. software

(b)populated, knowledge

(c) prolonged, understanding

(d) increasing, awareness

(e) high, ability

  1. A clash between ____ of two rival gangs in high security prison ____ several inmates injured.

(a) member, left (b) members, left

(c) leaders, leave (d) groups, put

(e) volunteers, have

  1. Banks caused a bubble failed to do due ___ and ___ more than what was warranted to developers.

(a) diligence, lent (b) diligent, lend

(c) diligently, borrowed (d) carelessly, lent

(e) carelessness, lending

  1. Acting ___ on vehicles polluting city, government ordered all commercial vehicles entering city to ___ environmental compensation charge.

(a) toughness, pay (b) toughly, paying

(c) leniently, pay (d) tough, pay

(e) roughly, paid

  1. The project has ____ under fire for ___ a vital elephant corridor in Kaziranga.

(a) gone, destroy

(b) come, destructed

(c) went, destroying

(d)reached, destruction

(e) come, destroying

  1. Health minister has given all city government hospitals a two day ___ to get prepared for H1N1 ___.

(a) deadline, outbreak

(b) hardline, out breaking

(c) headline,outbreak

(d) period, spread

(e) hotline, spreading

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