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Posted : admin On 1/11/2022

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Smartsheet ContributorAndy Marker on Dec 11, 2017

A bill of sale is a type of sales receipt often used when an individual is selling an item that carries a high value, such as a used car, boat, or aircraft. A bill of sale can document the sale of personal property, tools, animals such as livestock or pets, and household furnishings or appliances. However, this type of documentation is generally not used when selling low-cost items, providing services, or for real estate purchases. While the seller typically provides the document, both parties gain some protection from it: Buyers can retain a copy of the bill of sale as proof of purchase, payment, and ownership, and sellers can document the terms of the sale and the condition of the item. Both buyers and sellers may need a bill of sale for accounting, tax reporting, or insurance purposes.

Close That Sale! PDF Free download

In this article, you’ll find more information on creating a bill of sale and legal considerations to keep in mind when using one. You’ll also find a variety of free bill of sales templates for a range of items, including vehicles and motorcycles, businesses, equipment, and firearms. Download and print the customizable templates for Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Docs, and PDF formats.

Generic Bill of Sales Templates

General Bill of Sale Template

This bill of sale template uses general language that you can easily adjust to sell any type of item. The basic Word template includes a space for the buyer and seller names, transaction date, description of the goods being sold, and the amount paid. Signature lines are at the bottom of the template.

Download General Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

As-Is Bill of Sale Template

If you need an absolute bill of sale that provides as-is protection to sellers, this template includes a clear statement that the property being sold is in as-is condition. This generic PDF template is appropriate for a variety of used items. You can use the template as it appears by simply filling in the blanks, or customize it to include additional information.

Download As-Is Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

Conditional Bill of Sale Template

Unlike an absolute bill of sale, which documents a completed transaction at the time of the sale, a conditional bill of sale describes certain conditions that must be met in order to transfer ownership. Examples include an ongoing payment plan or requirements that a buyer agrees to follow, such as instructions from a dog breeder. This conditional bill of sale template has a section to list pricing info for one or more items, and it automatically calculates the total amount to be paid.

Download Conditional Bill of Sale Template

Excel PDF

Simple Bill of Sale Template - Google Docs

This basic bill of sale template can save you time and provides a blank slate that you can customize. If you need a basic proof of sale, print the Google Docs template or save it to your Google Drive account for future use. This template is especially appropriate for personal property such as clothing, bicycles, jewelry, or other items.

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Bill of Sales Templates for Goods & Animals

Close that sale pdf free download windows 10

Personal Property Bill of Sale

Use this template to create a detailed bill of sale for any type of personal property, with sections for describing the item and payment information, including gift or trade options. This Excel template makes it especially easy to sell multiple items, as you can use the automatic calculations to total prices and amounts due.

Download Personal Property Bill of Sale

Excel PDF

Business Bill of Sale Template

If you’re selling a business, this template provides an outline to follow, including details about the entity as well as the purchase price and payment information. A business is clearly a more complex entity to sell than a car, for instance — to ensure you cover all the legal bases, consult with a lawyer to create a comprehensive bill of sale.

Download Business Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

Horse Bill of Sale Template

This bill of sale template is designed specifically for selling a horse: It provides sections for describing horse characteristics, breed, registration, and more. You can also include the results of a veterinarian examination and any other background information that a purchaser might desire. This document is an as-is bill of sale for transferring horse ownership from seller to buyer.

Download Horse Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

Furniture Bill of Sale Template

Whether you’re selling an antique, a one-of-a-kind piece, or even a used couch, you can use this template that’s designed for selling a piece of furniture. If needed, include information such as manufacturer and model, as well as shipping or delivery details. You can easily edit this Word template to accommodate selling a variety of items.

Download Furniture Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

Close That Sale! PDF Free Download

Firearm Bill of Sale Template


This basic firearm bill of sale includes sections for listing the serial number, type of firearm, and other distinguishing information. You may want to have the buyer certify that he or she is not restricted from purchasing a firearm by in writing it on the bill of sale. Consult with an attorney to find out if any other information is necessary to ensure that you are selling to a responsible party and fully transferring your ownership.

Download Firearm Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

Equipment Bill of Sale Template

This equipment bill of sale template has a table for you to list several items along with specifications and prices. Once you enter your information, the template will calculate the total price. You could also use this bill of sale for selling tools, parts, or other items.

Download Equipment Bill of Sale Template

Excel PDF

Motor Vehicle and Vessel Bill of Sales Templates

Car Bill of Sale Template

As mentioned earlier, requirements for an automotive bill of sale vary by state. Since a bill of sale provides some protection for sellers and buyers, it’s a good idea to use one even if your state doesn’t require it. This template is intended for selling a used car as-is, and it includes space to note the make, model, and year of the car as well as the VIN and mileage.

Download Car Bill of Sale Template


Word PDF

Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Use this template to document the sale of any type of vehicle (new, used, etc.). You can choose to sell as-is or add conditions to the bill of sale. Document whatever payment options are appropriate, whether the purchase is with cash, a trade-in vehicle, or a gift to the buyer. You can also notate whether or not the price includes the sales tax.

Download Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Template

Similar to an automobile bill of sale, this template allows you to list details about the motorcycle for sale, including VIN and odometer report. Once both parties sign the bill of sale and the seller hands over the title and registration, the buyer can register the motorcycle. You could also use this template with or without added warranties or guarantees.

Download Motorcycle Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

Boat Bill of Sale Template

This bill of sale template includes space to list boat details like hull type and identification number, as well as sections for describing the make, model, and condition of the vessel. For a thorough bill of sale, list any liens or encumbrances and include an agreement for how the seller plans to remove them. If you need the bill of sale to be notarized, add a section at the bottom of the template for a notary public signature.

Download Boat Bill of Sale Template

Word PDF

RV Bill of Sale Template

Use this template to document the sale of a motorhome or any type of recreational vehicle. In addition to describing the RV, indicate whether it includes a trailer, and note the condition of both items. The template has spaces for entering the date of the sale, price paid, and buyer and seller information.

Download RV Bill of Sale Template

Close That Sale! PDF Free Download

Word PDF

What to Include in a Bill of Sale

At its most basic, a bill of sale should include the transaction date, the item sold and its cost, and details about the seller and buyer, along with signatures. A document with that information is acceptable as a sales slip and proof of purchase, but other information may be needed, including whether the item is being sold as-is or with a warranty, the location of the property, or plans for delivery. Here are some of the details usually included in a bill of sale:

  • Seller and Buyer: It is common to include contact information for both seller and buyer, such as address and phone number, along with a driver’s license number. Buyers may want to check a seller’s driver’s license or picture ID before handing over funds and signing the bill of sale to ensure they are buying from the person listed on the receipt.
  • Payment: In addition to the price of the item for sale, document the form of payment and whether the final total includes sales tax. If you are trading items rather than selling them for cash, describe the transaction on the bill of sale with details about each of the items being exchanged.
  • Item Description: This may be simple or detailed, depending on the item for sale and state requirements. For example, when selling a vehicle, you usually need to include the vehicle identification number (VIN) and odometer reading. If you are selling a horse, you’ll need information about registration and breeding.
  • Date: The sale date represents when responsibility for an item was transferred from one individual to another. This date does not necessarily indicate ownership, such as in a vehicle purchase, where the buyer only becomes the legal owner once they register the car.
  • As-is or Warranty: Selling an item “as-is” means the buyer accepts the item in its current state, including any defects that might not be immediately apparent. This type of sale protects the seller from having to refund the buyer or repair the item if issues arise after the sale. When selling something as-is, it’s important to state so clearly on the bill of sale. In some cases, a seller may choose to offer a warranty as an incentive to buyers. In this instance, sellers should explain on the bill of sale what will and will not be provided or covered under the warranty, and for what period of time.
  • Witness: Some states require a notarized bill of sale when an individual is selling a vehicle. Check with your local DMV to determine what documents and procedures you need to complete. Even if you don’t need a notary to witness your bill of sale, you may choose to have a third party sign the document to show that he or she observed the buyer and seller signatures.

A bill of sale is comparable to a receipt, whereas a sales agreement acts as a contract. Since a bill of sale may contain as-is or warranty information, it’s important to read the document closely and make sure all the terms are understood and accurate. Especially for high-price items or more complicated agreements, a seller or buyer may want to have a third party, such as an attorney, check the bill of sale to ensure critical information isn’t missing.

Tips for Sellers and Buyers

Although the seller typically provides a bill of sale for a transaction, both buyer and seller should receive a copy of the signed document for their records. Full payment should be made upfront unless a payment plan or other terms have been agreed to — if this is the case, it should be indicated on the bill of sale. If a buyer is unable to pay the full amount at the time of purchase, include a promissory note that outlines the terms of a payment plan or funding from a lender — that would constitute a conditional bill of sale, which is described further in the list of templates below. In order to sell an item, a seller must be the rightful owner, so buyers may want to see proof of ownership before agreeing to purchase an item, or ask that the seller include a sentence on the bill of sale that certifies his or her right to sell.

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