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The correct answer is The parents as well as the child have been invited

Key Points

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  • The instructions given below should be followed while changing an assertive sentence to passive voice.
    • Find the subject and object of the sentence and exchange their places; make changes in their cases as well if subject and object are pronouns.
    • Use preposition by before the agent.
    • Use an appropriate helping verb in passive form according to the tense of the active form. (Present perfect - has/have + been)
    • Always use the third form of the main verb in passive form.
    • At last line up the remaining part.
  • So, the final sentence is - The parents as well as the child have been invited.
Cricket Outlaws PDF Free Download

Important Points

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  • In a sentence, if two subjects are joined by certain conjunctions like with, along with, as well as, in addition to, except, rather than, and not, but, etc., the verb will follow the first subject.
    • Example: The King, as well as his courtiers, was invited for the feast.
  • In the passive voice of the given sentence, the verb 'have' follows the first subject 'the parents'.

Additional Information

Outlaws Game Free Download

  • The voice of the sentence should be changed according to the following rules:
Cricket Outlaws PDF Free Download

Cricket Outlaws Pdf Free Download Windows 10




Simple Present

Subject + V1 + Object

Object + is/am/are + V3 + by + Subject

Simple Past

Subject + V2 + Object

Object + was/were + V3 + by + Subject

Simple Future

Subject + shall/will + V1 + Object

Object + shall/will + be + V3 + by + Subject

Present Continuous

Subject + is/am/are + V1-ing + Object

Object + is/am/are + being + V3 + by + Subject

Past Continuous

Subject + was/were + V1-ing + Object

Object + was/were + being + V3 + by + Subject

Future Continuous

Subject + shall/will + be + V1-ing + Object

Not possible

Present Perfect

Subject + has/have + V3 + Object

Object + has/have + been + V3 + by + Subject

Past Perfect

Subject + had + V3 + Object

Object + had + been + V3 + by + Subject

Future Perfect

Subject + shall/will + have + V3 + Object

Object + shall/will + have + been + V3 + by + Subject


to + base form of verb

to + be + V3