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  • Graphic Design Proposal PDF. Graphic design is a type of service that technical artists use to produce ads, social media posts, logos, flyers, and other branded representations that companies use to market themselves. Having a solid graphic design proposal template is important since graphic design, by its very nature, is subjective.
  • 6) Explain what it takes to start a business and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages starting a business from scratch, buying an existing business, or obtaining a franchise. 7) Explain why some businesses fail. 8) Identify sources of small business assistance from the Small Business Administration.
  • Justin Lokitz is the co-author of Design A Better Business: New Tools, Skills, and Mindset for Strategy and Innovation, a strategy blogger and frequent contributing author, as well as an experienced strategy designer and managing director of the Business Models Inc. Offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, CA USA. He has 16+ years of.

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The Double Loop design process is a comprehensive framework that links the best existing innovation tools in the business with a number of exciting new ones into one consistent design journey.


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The methods behind the Double Loop are proven over years of innovation and strategy sessions. And not just by us by thought leaders, tool creators, and innovators all across the globe.


The book includes the practical step by step guides to bring each tool into practice, and guides you through the entire design journey, all the way from preparation to scaling your business.

  • 9Chapters
  • 272Pages
  • 20Free tools
  • 150Illustrations
  • 30Case studies
  • 83Examples

Reading how this book describes the design journey through the Double Loop is interesting in itself, but the real value only becomes apparent when you start to bring it into practice and start to combine the visual tools. This is a book for doing design, more than reading about it.

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I purchased this book because it looked interesting. I had not seen a book written for business in quite this way before. It looks and reads like a graphic novel, not a dry business strategy book. The book is beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated. It is easy to read and understand. It is truly a book written for business in the 21st century!

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For organisations that would like to pre-order a larger volume of books, we have some great opportunities available, ranging from workshop support and keynotes to workshop material. We love to work with you to figure out how we can best support your organization to start designing a better business! Leave your details here and we will contact you.


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