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First, don’t hurt yourself, especially when you’re just starting. You may be 100% motivated to learn, but you won’t learn anything if you damage your hand from overplaying. It’s easy to do that when you start, because your hands simply haven’t built up the muscles they need to play yet. This is more of a problem with acoustic steel string. With a foreword by Jim Collins (author of the bestseller Good to Great), Lead Yourself First is a rallying cry to reclaim solitude-and all the benefits, both practical and sublime, that come with it. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD. Download Free PDF. Atomic Habits by James Clear. Atomic Habits by James Clear. Download Download PDF. Full PDF Package Download Full PDF.

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Here we are providing NCERT English Books for class 1st to 12th Free PDF Download.

Latest (2021-22) Edition – NCERT English Book for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Free PDF Download

Class 1 NCERT English Books


Class 2 NCERT English Books

Class 3 NCERT English Books

Class 4 NCERT English Books

Class 5 NCERT English Books

Class 6 NCERT English Books

By Mark Phillips and Jon Chappell Guitar FOR DUMmIES‰ 2ND EDITION 01599046 ffirs.qxd 9/12/05 6:09 PM Page iii. Share, download and print free Piano sheet music with the world's largest community of sheet music creators, composers, performers, music teachers, students, beginners, artists, and other musicians with over 1,500,000 digital sheet music to play, practice, learn and enjoy.

Class 7 NCERT English Books

Class 8 NCERT English Books

Class 9 NCERT English Books

Class 10 NCERT English Books

Class 11 NCERT English Books

Class 12 NCERT English Books

NCERT books gives detailed information about different topics to the students. There is no exaggeration. All the information is to the point.

NCERT English books are a savior since it saves time because of the easy language and to the point information. One does not need to read any unnecessary information and all the basics are clear with this information. NCERT books are also useful to prepare for various entrance and competitive exams.

The detailed and necessary information help the students to make notes easily to prepare for the exams.

If one needs to prepare for any entrance or competitive exam in the last moment, using NCERT books will be a benefit for them. For example, exams like NEET, UPSC (IAS, IPS, and IFS) and many others. Due to the key features of NCERT books, the students or the candidate can score well.


UPSC is our country’s central agency responsible to conduct examinations like Civil Services Examination, Engineering Services Examination, and Naval Academy Examination etc. Candidates who prepare for these examinations need to prepare well and should be thorough with every topic of the syllabus.

In order to prepare well, the right book should choose to study for the examination. The questions which come in the UPSC exams are direct, simple and to the point. There are no twists and turns in the questions.

This is the reason why one should not refer to very high standard books for all these. They will confuse the candidates with their complex language.

NCERT books are written in simple language and have concise information. They do not have any exaggerated information. This helps the students to learn the concepts fast and grasp everything easily.

The questions present in the NCERT books are very helpful for the UPSC candidates as well. These questions are similar to the questions which come in UPSC exams. In this aspect, NCERT books are an advantage to the candidates.

If a candidate is referring NCERT books to prepare for UPSC exams, then the books from classes 6 to 12 must be referred. If they are thorough with all the information, then they can score well in the examination and clear the Prelims and Mains.

The information in NCERT books will give a lot of multiple choice questions which are common in the UPSC exams. If one is thoroughly prepared by studying the NCERT books, they can easily attempt these multiple choice questions. The questions in UPSC exams are related to all the basic concepts. NCERT books can help the candidates to understand these basic concepts easily.

In NCERT books, it is observed that in every chapter there are boxes. These boxes are helpful for the candidate because they contain extra information about the chapter. NCERT has many questions and solution banks. The candidates can solve them to get through with the type of question for competitive exams. These banks will be a saviour for them. NCERT books are a must for students appearing for any competitive/entrance examinations.

The book just alone cannot help the candidates to score well. They should know how to make optimum use of the book to get enough marks in the examination. Students should use their logical and analytical skills.

Lead Yourself First Pdf

The candidate must solve all the previous year’s questions paper made by NCERT. One must be thorough with every line of the NCERT book and understand every line in different ways. Every important line must be marked or noted down. If needed, short notes can be made.

This will help the candidate while revising before the examination. UPSC exams have all types of questions: easy, medium and difficult. A thorough preparation with the help of NCERT books will help them to attempt all types of questions and score well. It depends on the candidate on how to read the NCERT books. They can cover the topic on the basis of subjects or they can also study class wise.

Proper preparation for any type of examination will help a person to score well. It does not depend on which types of books were used to study but how did the candidate study for the examination.

The question here is that are NCERT books enough for the UPSC candidates to score well in the examinations? For some, the answer is yes while for others no. The explanation of how the NCERT books will help the UPSC candidates to score well has already been mentioned.

But these books are not enough. Current affairs are very important in UPSC exams. NCERT books cannot teach a candidate all the current affairs because the books have been published very early. NCERT books just have basic concepts. So along with NCERT books, one must follow the newspaper side by side to prepare for the examination.

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Pdf free download books

Classical Guitar Method – Volume 1 by Bradford Werner – Free PDF Download (102 pages) – Beginner classical or fingerstyle guitar. This book teaches classical and fingerstyle guitar skills with a focus on the rich pedagogical tradition of classical guitar. Most learning objectives are covered through pieces and duets allowing students to perform full pieces from the first lesson. A qualified teacher and the lesson videos should provide students with a healthy start. This is the 2019/2020 edition. Also see Volume Two to continue learning. If you like the book you can support the site here.

Download the Free PDF Method

Hardcopy Print Editions

  • Amazon.com or Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, and more local Amazon stores.

Free Video Lessons for this Method

Video lessons and helpful articles are an essential part of using my method book. Follow the lessons in the order below. Also see the list of additional tips and lessons at the bottom of the list. You can start the technique routines anytime.

  • Welcome
  • Orientation & Welcome Video – A quick welcome and word about using the method.
  • Sitting Position, Right Hand Technique
  • Reading Music for the First Time
  • First Pages & Songs
  • First Notes (E, B, G), Rhythms, Etude No. 1 & 2 (Page 12-15)
  • Nocturne – Duet Play-Along and Performance (p. 16)
  • Introduction to the Left Hand

Lead Yourself First Pdf free. download full

  • Treble Strings, Exercises, Repertoire
  • First Left Hand Note (A), Sight Reading, Moderato & A Fairy Tale (p. 17-20)
  • A Fairy Tale – Duet Play-Along and Performance (p. 20)
  • B, C, D, E, F, G, Sight Reading and Review (p. 21-23)
  • Five Melodies and Ode to Joy Lesson (p. 24)
  • Ode to Joy – Duet Play-Along and Performance (p. 26)
  • Etude No. 3 – Dynamics, Arpeggios w/ left hand notes (p.28)
  • Twinkle Twinkle, Etude No. 4, Au clair de la lune, Oh Susanna (p.30-34)
  • Jazz Cat – Duet Play-Along and Performance (p.32)
  • Bass Notes and More
  • Melody with Bass Accompaniment: Etudes No. 5, 6, 7, 8 (p. 38 on)
  • Note Review, and Sight Reading: The Imitation Game (p. 63-64)
  • Chord Accompaniment Section
  • Chord Accompaniment Section (p. 73-82) – Coming Soon
  • Fingerstyle Accompaniment Section (p. 83-87) – Coming Soon
  • Blues & Jamming Fun (p. 88-91) – Coming Soon
  • Technique Routines
  • Supplemental Scales and Materials – Coming Soon

Lead Yourself First Pdf

  • Additional Helpful Tips While Using the Book
  • Avoiding Tension when playing – Comprehensive, 5 Video lessons

Visit the Lessons Page for more videos that compliment this book. I have a dedicated beginner lesson page as well. The above video lessons are for the 2019/2020 edition.

Lead Yourself First PDF Free Download

Student FAQ

Mike erwin lead yourself first

What’s new in the 2020 edition? It’s the same pieces and page numbers as the 2019 edition. I’ve added some extra tips and explanations to help students understand the directions more clearly and updated a bunch of the video lessons.

What books should I use along with your method? My method should have everything you need for now but if you want additional materials here’s a few options. For theory knowledge I recommend the Berklee Theory Book 1 which is pretty good and has an answer key at the end and audio samples to download for listening and musicianship. However, here’s my list of Music Theory Books. Having theory knowledge is really going to help, a lot. But it’s not completely necessary until my Volume 2 book. First you just want to get playing. For extra reading practice try Sight Reading for the Classical Guitar by Robert Benedict.

What is a good daily routine for a beginner? I recommend a technique warmup (included in the back of the book), some review of previous easier material, some sight reading, and then dedicated work on the few pieces that you are currently working on. 15-20 minutes of solid uninterrupted practice everyday is a good goal for a beginner. Anything beyond that is a bonus. As you become more advanced you can increase the practice time. You might also want to watch some lesson videos before you begin to remind you of a few things you might have forgotten or just to pick up tips for the future. Even watching videos that are more advanced than where you are at or something you are not working can still help you learn. You can find tons of lesson at the lesson page. Watching so pros play daily would be good too, absorb the culture and technique just by observing. See my dedicated lesson: How to Practice Music and Organize Your Practice Session

Should I memorize the pieces and should I keep them in my repertoire? Although I’m not strict about memorization with my students, I do believe that we play better when the piece is memorized. Also, our brains seem to get used to it as a habit and memorizes more efficiently if we do it regularly. So, I highly recommend you memorize your pieces but don’t be too hard on yourself, just do a little bit of memory work everyday and see how it goes.

When should I move onto the next piece? Aim for a confident playing of the piece. As a basic check you might put a metronome on and be able to play through it as that is a common issue. Aim for an even rhythm, nice tone, arched phrases, and a prominent melody. I encourage students to stick with pieces for awhile to see how they ‘settle’ into the piece in terms of relaxation. It’s important to dive deeper into musicality after you have accomplished the basic physical movements. A large part of what teachers do is to just raise the musical bar and get students to strive for higher levels of musicality so you’ll want to push yourself in that regard to ensure you are not just settling for a past standard (up your personal level every piece). In the end it’s up to you but try to feel confident and happy with your performance.

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