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Possessing an unstaggering representation of integrity sets a critical foundation for your leadership. 12 Principles of Great Leadership: Quotes and Tips About Leadership Styles To receive regular leadership content, visit www.leadercast.com and sign up for our free newsletter.

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The Health Sector Transformation Program was newly established for the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and will be launched during 2022 to ensure continued development of healthcare services in the Kingdom and focus efforts in this vital sector. This is following the National Transformation Program’s achievement of accomplishments and strategic targets that upgraded the health sector to face challenges related to health services by increasing their quality and efficiency, and the levels of protection against health risks.

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Considered one of the strategic dimensions of the National Transformation Program, efforts were exerted in developing the health sector by addressing the novel coronavirus pandemic. The VRPs have also played a key role in the Kingdom’s response to the health, economic and social impacts of the pandemic as well as overcoming the crisis and its challenges.

  1. Leadership in Organizations G ar y Yu k l Uty ersvbaAni i of l n y State University of New York. ISBN 10: 0-13-277186-1 ISBN 13: 978-0-13-277186-3 Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on the appropriate page within text.
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  3. LEADERSHIP The ability to influence others to achieve a goal Rev 12/2018 Leadership and Management 9. Five Rules of Leadership. Shape the future. Make things happen. Engage today talent. Build the next generation. Invest in yourself Rev 12/2018 Leadership and Management 10.

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Leadership 2030 PDF Free Download books

Leadership 2030 PDF Free Download Books


In the previous stage, the health sector has achieved many accomplishments, such as improving the quality and efficiency of health services and facilitating access to them through focusing on digitizing the health sector and launching a package of applications (Sehhaty and Mawid), and increasing the service coverage in all the Kingdom’s regions.


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In light of the global health systems’ development, the Health Transformation Program will work on enabling comprehensive transformation in the sector and restructuring into a comprehensive, effective and integrated system, based on the health of the individual and the society. It will adopt the principle of value-based care that ensures transparency and improves health services to contribute to raising the satisfaction of beneficiaries. The program will focus on boosting public health and disease prevention, in addition to improving access to health services through optimal coverage, comprehensive and equitable geographical distribution, and expanding the provision of e-health services.