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Posted : admin On 1/10/2022

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Maybe you have a really small wedding budget, and you’re worried that this will cut into the luxuriousness of your special day. But it doesn’t have to. With some clever tips and tricks, you can have a dreamy wedding without the expensive costs.

How can you keep your wedding costs low? One of the biggest things is to reduce the number of guests. Up to 50 percent of couples keep wedding costs below $15,000 by choosing a more intimate wedding.

There are many other ways in which to cut down your costs and stay within your wedding budget. Let’s check them out.


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How To Get A Dream Wedding Without The Expenses

Sit Down And Budget

This is the first and most important step you need to take to reduce your wedding budget, along with watching your expenses.

Calculate your and your partner’s individual incomes and figure out the amount you both can put in to fund the wedding so that you can see exactly what you’re dealing with.

Pro tip: keep a separate bank account for your wedding expenses so that they don’t get used for anything else. This will also help you stay within your budget.

Consider A Different Venue

Wedding venues can be expensive, especially because often those venues that seem to be real bargains bump up your expenses in the form of decorating, providing equipment such as chairs and glassware, and so on.

It might be better to have the wedding at home, or on a loved one’s beautiful property. It’s also wise to have your reception and service in the same place.

This could save up to $4,000 in transportation expenses for the wedding party and guests!

Cut Your Guest List

This is tough for couples to do but just think: on the average guest list that has 135 people on it, if you remove just 15 people you’ll save around $1,300.

Moolala PDF Free Download

That’s a huge amount. Another idea is to prevent people from bringing a plus one.

Choose Double-Duty Vendors

You might find that your wedding DJ is also a photographer or that the person who’s catering your wedding can do wedding favors.

Take these opportunities because they can help you to cut costs. Getting multiple services from the same vendor will always be cheaper.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

There are quite a few things that are unnecessary for your big day and eliminating them can go a long way to making your wedding more budget-friendly.

Here are some of the most common unnecessary wedding costs to avoid:

Stationary For Save-The-Dates And Invites

Save-the-dates feel exciting to send to your wedding guests, but they’re really not necessary.

And, when it comes to wedding invites, everyone’s online now so you can keep track of your event digitally with fabulous ecards instead of sending invites in the mail.

Small (And Expensive) Decorative Touches

You might enjoy the idea of adding extra flowers to decorate the aisle or putting fancy place cards on the table, but these small touches can end up racking up the expenses.

Rather focus on choosing a lovely venue as this is what will make the most impact on your guests.

Extravagant Wedding Cake

While the cake is a wedding staple, just think about how many people don’t even enjoy eating cake!

Moolala PDF Free Download

Plus, with so much other food on display, by the time the wedding cake is served, it might not even be such a hit.

Don’t be afraid to think of cake alternatives that can save you money plus display creativity, such as cupcakes and macaroons.

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Champagne Toasts

While this might not seem like a big expense, just think: you have to supply champagne to all your wedding guests, and some of it won’t even be consumed.

Here are some tips around it:

  • Let your guests use their current glasses and whatever drink they were consuming in them for the toast.
  • If you’re set on having champagne for the toast, ask your wedding venue if they can supply flutes to rent or use for free to help you cut the costs.

Go The DIY Route

There are many ways in which you can reduce costs and have a special wedding by choosing the DIY route. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your loved ones.

If your sister makes the most delicious homemade jam, ask her if she’ll make batches that can be put in jars and given out as wedding favors.

If your mom is great with flowers, she could do some floral arrangements. Here are some other things you can do yourself:

  • Make your own bouquet. This can be simple and filled with your favorite flowers that you’ve picked from the garden.
  • Avoid buying aisle decorations. Instead, tie a few flowers or some greenery together and attach these to chairs.
  • Avoid the traditional bar. Fill ice basins in the trunk of your car or somewhere else in your wedding venue to create a unique display that looks fun and is practical.
  • Make your own centerpieces. Get creative with your centerpieces. Hint: they don’t always have to consist of floral arrangements. Opt for fruit, greenery, candles, or a blend of items. But, remember to keep it simple. Less is more and more luxurious.
  • Bake your own wedding cake. Have your heart set on a wedding cake? Baking your own is a great way to get a delicious wedding cake you’ll love and it will also make it more sentimental than something bought.
  • Write out the seating. Instead of making or buying tons of place cards, write out the seating on a chalkboard and prop this at the entrance so guests can find their seats. Easy peasy!

Related Questions

What should you splurge on for your wedding?

The food and music at your wedding should be splurged on as these will increase the guests’ enjoyment of the event.

Similarly, a photographer is always good to invest in as those memories will last a lifetime and you want them to be professionally done.

How can you save money on a dress?

If you want a beautiful wedding gown that’s affordable, your best bet is to start your search at sample sales. Here you can find designer wedding dresses for much less than their original prices.


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Having a special, dreamy wedding doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Keep it intimate and try to make the most of DIY, while also avoiding unnecessary costs that you can do without saving your hard-earned cash.

Moolala PDF Free Download