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Posted : admin On 1/11/2022
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Cheat Sheet for Personal Finance For Dummies. From Personal Finance For Dummies, 7th Edition by Eric Tyson. All too often, financial advice ignores the big picture and focuses narrowly on investing. Because money is not an end in itself but a part of your whole life, connecting your financial goals to the rest of your life is important. 2 Finance Functions -Investment, Financing, Liquidity & Dividend Decisions. Risk & Return Trade off. 3 Source of Finance – Long term, Medium term & short term Time Value of Money – Basic Concepts 4 Cost of Capital: Concept and its significance, measurement of cost of capital of various sources of funds. Weighted Average cost of capital.

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Personal Finance for Dummies offers sound and practical advice for those who want to get control over their personal financial lives. Author Eric Tyson points out the most common mistakes that we all make in our approach to money and prescribes ways to save and invest for a secure future. Using worksheets, the book helps you to measure your own financial health by looking ...more
Published August 1st 2003 by John Wiley & Sons (first published 1994)
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I'm about half way through here and this has been a great read. I never thought I'd be so absorbed by a book like this but when you're in that weird transitional state between student and independent adult, a book like this can feel empowering. I can't believe this stuff isn't required education for public schools or even expensive colleges (perhaps those institutions would rather their students not fully understand loans and big money...). I went from having a very basic, very vague sense of bu...more
What have I become? I used to be cool! I majored in film and writing because I was going to be the next Orson Wells AND write the next Great American Novel! WHAT HAPPENED?! Alas, dreams give way to reality, which is much richer than you would expect. Unless you read 'richer' as 'having actual dollar dollar bills ya'll,' in which case um, no. I have a beautiful wife and daughter, but we live with her folks out in the country. I spent the first 26 years of my life with absolutely no concept of per...more
I picked up this book after reading Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry. In that book, the author exposes a lot of the conflict of interest and hypocrisy that are inherent to much of the personal finance industry (financial planners, most of whom are actually broker/dealers, as well as popular gurus), but she recommended Personal Finance for Dummies as legitimate good advice. Eric Tyson, the author, has a lot of experience as a financial counselor, helping peop...more
Oct 15, 2012Mario Ascencio rated it it was amazing
This book helped me when I first started out in my career. I had no clue what IRA, IRA-Roth were, CDs, Mutual Funds, etc. This book really helped me.
Jan 07, 2010Dina rated it it was ok · review of another edition
I give this book only 2 stars because most of it doesn't apply to be. I'm not a homeowner and so don't need advice on mortgages, I'm in no financial position to play the stock market, etc. For a mid-twenty-something, the useful information I gleaned from this book could just as easily come from Wikipedia or better yet, my dad! Not to mention making any sort of investment right now (CD, bond, long term savings plan) has such little pay off it's almost not worth it to think about. Maybe when I'm r...more
Nov 08, 2011Leonardo Jr rated it it was amazing · review of another edition

Personal Finance For Dummies Pdf

Thank you for REMINDING AND HITTING me on the head! A VERY GOOD BOOK! three thumbs up!!!
'Another problem with seeking to amass wealth is that tomorrow might not come. Even if all goes acccording to plan, will you know how to be happy when you're not working if you spend your entire life making money? More importantly, who will be around to share your leisure time? One of the costs of an intense career is time spent away from friends and family. You may indeed realize your goal of retiring early,
Sep 08, 2021Liam rated it liked it · review of another edition
This contained some good informative stuff. I didn’t quite finish it because I experienced it as an audiobook - and just couldn’t digest all the little details - let alone incorporate them in to life based on the audio alone. I had to throw in the towel at about the 80% mark.
This may be a good resource to go through as a paperback with a pencil & notebook however.
My only other issues with it were: (1) that it was pretty dated as a financial resource. It’s been 15 years since this was published
Sep 19, 2013Logan Hughes rated it really liked it
Ahhh, objectivity. This is actually kind of a breath of fresh air after the dubious manifestos from unqualified gurus that I like to read. Tyson has an approachable but not condescending tone. Actually, all the Dummies books I've read have been pretty good--informative, apparently accurate, easy-to-read but not overly simplistic.
This is a solid compendium of reliable PF advice. It covers a wide variety of topics from the basics of budgeting and debt management to investing, buying a house, insu
May 05, 2008Ellen rated it liked it · review of another edition
Recommends it for: college students, yuppies, 1st time homebuyers
this book is very well-written. Very accessible by the layman or laywoman. I have read a few financial texts in my life and have invested in mutual funds and 401Ks for a while, so I am not a complete novice, but this was a good refresher on the differences between investing in stocks and bonds, the difference between taxable and non-taxable securities, what you should/should not invest in through a 401K compared to what you should/should not invest in through a directly purchased investment such...more
Aug 07, 2020William Schram rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
Are your finances tearing your family apart? Do you shiver in terror when the mail arrives? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do you know the difference between various investments? Whether you answered yes to any of these questions or not doesn't matter to me, but it might matter to Eric Tyson.
Tyson wrote Personal Finance for Dummies to help you. For a while, I made a budget, but I found that I have a system making me slightly better off than some Americans. Despite that, I am going to conti
Aug 14, 2010Mark rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
'For someone who has their personal finances in order, this will be a boring and basic book. For someone who is just figuring out how to manage their finances, this is a great book. I read this book when I was feeling weighed down by our finances and debt. This book helped me think systematically about what we were doing with our finances, helped refine a plan to retire all our debt, and convinced me the need to save and invest for the future. Since I read this book, I have read a number of othe...more
Dec 23, 2018Julie Kwiat rated it liked it
For someone who has their personal finances in order, this will be a boring and basic book. For someone who is just figuring out how to manage their finances, this is a great book. I read this book when I was feeling like I should get to prepare for my future personal finances and possible debt. This book helped me think systematically about what I should be doing with my finances and convinced me the need to save and invest for the future. I never thought I'd be so absorbed by a book like this ...more
Personal Finance For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup> PDF Free Download
Personal Finance for Dummies is clearly written and gives a good overview of all the basics. It has very broad coverage - everything from budgeting to investments to mortgages to wills. This is useful if you need to learn about or do multiple things at once.
I admit I was embarrassed to check out a 'Dummies' book - even though I read it on my phone where no one would see the cover! However, this was a high quality read. It has many good tips and helped me build a thorough understanding. I have a
The investing parts of this book were not very good. The information was very outdated and did not discuss TFSAs properly. I think if you're interested in investing, just read 'The Millionaire Teacher'.
However, obviously this book was meant as a sort of encompassing resource for personal finance. If you are a complete novice and beginner who needs someone to tell you brands aren't worth the money - this will provide you with a ton of helpful information. If you're not - well it's pretty long so
Aug 13, 2020Andrew rated it really liked it · review of another edition
This is a good financial planning read with specific tips and resources throughout. I appreciate Eric Tyson’s balanced tone throughout, no hyping one thing or fear-mongering about another; though, it can be a somewhat boring read too - which is probably why I half read, half skimmed this book.
I’ve been wanting to make sure we’re on a good path financially and this helped me evaluate what I’ve done so far and whether I need to correct or anticipate something new I hadn’t thought about. Recommend
Feb 14, 2019Katelyn Jenkins rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
This is going to help me a LOT as a freelancer to determine my annual needs. It also teaches a bushel about investing, retirement accounts, debt, mortgages, and other day to day in an outs to help its reader save money, time, hassel, and INSTEAD build a life worth dreaming about - all in a charming stylistic text. Loved it. Highly recommended :)
Mar 31, 2015Powell Omondi rated it it was amazing
Amazing illustration on major issues to deal with personal finance, on how to start investing and he gives a practical advice on how to go about the whole issue on personal finance. A good worth reading
Sep 27, 2020Carl rated it it was ok · review of another edition
Average information and suggestions.
Mar 10, 2015C.D.N. Finaret rated it it was amazing
Personal Finance For Dummies life insurance
100% recommend reading this for sensible adults who want to invest 'right'....more
This is a comprehensive and powerful book for an overview for personal finance. This was the first book I have read from the 'for Dummies' series and was intrigued by this book based on my interest in personal finance. As a disclaimer, this book is much like a textbook and I think that it is more for referencing various topics, rather than reading through like I did. This book begins with basics, such as budgeting and credit cards before delving into more complex subjects such as investing withi...more
Jul 26, 2020John rated it really liked it · review of another edition
This book is structured to educate in three primary areas: saving and managing money, investing & insurance. It also provides basic instruction on key financial concepts and concerns for individuals. Also provided are recommendations of decent companies to explore and guidance on protecting your assets and further educating yourself.
Having read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and other financial guidebooks, I feel that this book is a sound and less dramatic guide. Ramsey has a very focused an
Feb 02, 2021John Michael Strubhart rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
Now, before you let the 5-star rating cause you to jump up and buy this book, read the review first. The For Dummies series is an excellent way to learn things. Financial planning is a subject that requires an almost daily update of your knowledge base. There are some fundaments of the subject that are outstandingly covered in this book and if you get it for that reason alone, you'll be doing well, but if you want to keep current, you really need a reliable website. Fortunately, the book include...more
Definitely a great read. This books provides a basic yet comprehensive overview of many different important financial topics (many of which were not even touched on in my personal finance class in college), such as health, life and disability insurance, writing a will, investing within and outside of retirement accounts, mortgages/investing in real estate, education savings accounts for children, planning for retirement, owning and operating a small business, etc. What I especially liked is that...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Recommend from a colleague when he asked me about having any investment. Best book from the series X for Dummies I have ever read. Eric Tyson has done his best in explaining all the finance jargon with plain English and helped me learn mistake from the others.
Although most of items in the books are only available/only work in the USA (retirement account, 401 plan, its complex tax system), but you can get the concept of how bond, stock, certificate of deposit work. Insurance is also boring topic
Oct 10, 2017Audra Murzycki rated it it was amazing
I absolutely loved this easy-to-read informative book about personal finances. When I first opened it I was almost a blank slate, knowing only the very basics of what benefits I need and how to bank money. Now I understand investments, retirement, strategies to save, how to protect my assets after death, and how to be properly insured. I took notes along the way and am actually excited about creating my personalized plan and following through to provide my family with financial health. Everyone ...more
Feb 16, 2018Alan rated it liked it
This is a basic introduction to personal finance, and, honestly, I can't say I learnt that much reading it. Perhaps I have a knack for finance or maybe I've just had to deal with it enough to need no introduction, but unfortunately I was expecting a bit more. Nevertheless I am glad I got to read this. It's quite well written. My biggest criticism is the books misleading title, a more apt one would have been Personal Finance for Americans as the vast majority of its contents deal with problems un...more
Entertaining and incredibly informational. Easy to read. Gave me some confidence in personal finance and ideas for how to approach “adulting” after finally getting my first professional job. This book is a bit dated occasionally like when referring to a time when everyone one may have computers (paraphrasing) but the content and the ideas are still very applicable and pertinent to me. I expect they remain that way for most people. Extremely helpful and easy to read. Will start implementing these...more

Personal Finance For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Everyone should read at least one book about personal finance in their early twenties.
This book will walk you step by step toward dealing with money, you'll get familiar with
And setting life long financial goals
This book will answer important questions which most of us don't even bother asking but can turn our lives upside down
Planning your personal finance properly is a necessary skill that will benefit you alot and you'll finish this
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“Some people argue that teaching children financial basics is the parents’ job. However, this well-meant sentiment is what we’re relying on now, and for all too many, it isn’t working. In some families, financial illiteracy is passed on from generation to generation. Education takes place in the home, on the streets, and in the schools. Therefore, schools must bear some responsibility for teaching this skill. However, if you’re raising children, remember that no one cares as much as you do or has as much ability to teach the important life skill of personal money management.” — 0 likes

Personal Finance For Dummies Life Insurance

“It’s very well to be thrifty, but don’t amass a hoard of regrets.” — 0 likes
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This new edition includes coverage of an extensive new tax bill that took effect and the impact on individuals, families, small businesses, and on real estate and investing decisions. Plus, it covers emerging investing interests like technology and global investing, pot stocks, the lifestyle changes occurring with millennials, and more.

  • Evaluate and manage your financial fitness.
  • Assess your credit report and improve your score.
  • Make smart investments in any economic environment.
  • Find out about international investing.

The expert advice offered in Personal Finance for Dummies is for anyone looking to ensure that their finances are on the right track and to identify the areas in which they can improve their financial strategies.