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Why Proactive Sales Pays off and How to Adopt It Most individuals are natural people-pleasers and this tendency becomes even more pronounced when one person wants or needs something from the other. In sales, for example, it’s tempting to facilitate a harmonious conversation and appear to be on board with whatever the customer wants at all times. Proactive Selling proactive Adjective (of a person, policy, or action) Creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than respo SlideShare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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  4. ProActive Selling PDF Free Download
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Proactive or Reactive: AnAnalysis of the Effect ofAgent Style onOrganizational Decision-making PerformanceZhiang LinI H. John Heniz III School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie-MellonUniversity, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. USAKathleen CarleyDepartment of Social and Decision Sciences, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh,PA 15213, USAABSTRACTThis paper addresses the issue of agent style—proactive and reactive—from atheoretical perspective. The results show that agent style, though often consideredkey in decision making, only affects the organization's performance when theorganization is under moderate time pressure. Further, the effect of agent styledepends on the type of training given to organizational agents and the internalcondition under which the organization operates. This research suggests that,when resources are scarce, organizations should spend these resources onorganizational design and on increasing the accuracy of incoming informationrather than on altering the agents' style.INTRODUCTIONOrganizations vary in the rate at which theyrespond to organizational problems, even whenthey <»re in similar task environments or arefacing similar stress conditions (Scott, 1987).This rate of response and (presumably) itsaccuracy is due, in part, to the way agentsapproach problems (Kets de Vries and Miller,1986;LaPorte and Consolini, 1991; Roberts,1989,1990). An agent's problem-solving style,which we refer to as agent style, varies onmany dimensions, such as proactiveness orcreativeness. A proactive agent engages indecision making and information gatheringwhenever possible. A reactive agent waits untilbeing asked or until it is absolutely necessaryto gather infonnation or make a decisionCCC 1055-615X/93/04027M7© 1993 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd,(Larsonet al.,1986). Once they begin theirinformation search, proactive and reactiveagents spend the same amount of time on asingle search, and, once they begin the decision-making process, spend the same amount oftime making and communicating a decision.The difference between these agents lies intheir co-ordination. Proactive agents begintheir information search, decision making andcommunication without being told to do so bytheir manager. Reactive agents essentially donot do anything unless asked. We analyzehow the proactiveness or reactiveness of anorganization's agents affects organizational per-formance.Organizations composed of proactive agentsshould respond to organizational problemsfaster than those with reactive agents. A conse-Received March 1993Revised September 1993INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS IN ACCOUNTING, FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT VOL. 2: 271-287 (1993)

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Where To Download Proactive Selling Control The Process Win The Sale yielding the results enjoyed previously, the need for outbound activity becomes more crucial than ever. This is the critical time in the life of a business when organizations with a top-notch team trained to sell outbound successfully will rise head and shoulders above the rest. ProActive Selling, 2nd Edition. By William Skip Miller. Released July 2012. Publisher (s): AMACOM. Explore a preview version of ProActive Selling, 2nd Edition right now. O’Reilly members get unlimited access to live online training experiences, plus books, videos, and digital content from 200+ publishers. Download full-text PDF Read full-text. Download full-text PDF. Incentives of a supply chain selling two products. The key contributions of this paper are as follows.

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