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Deliver parts and raw materials just before they are needed. Just-in-time (JIT) inventory system An inventory system that controls the flow of parts and material into assembly and manufacturing plants. Marketing Essentials Chapter 24, Section 24.2. Raw Materials Purchased items or extracted materials that are converted via the manufacturing process into components and/or products. Raw materials appear in the bottom level of BOM. They are stored in the warehouse and are non-phantom items. Semi-finished Goods.

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Logistics Management PPT with PDF: Logistics management is defined as a process of management that joins the movement of products, services, data, and capital from the stage of raw materials to the consumer end product. Activities of logistics are categorized into two types and those are as below:

  • Inbound logistics
  • Outbound logistics
  1. Inbound logistics: activities related to the material’s procurement, transportation, handling, and storing are called inbound logistics.
  2. Outbound logistics: activities that are related to the maintenance, collection, and delivery of products to the customers are called outbound activities.

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Logistics Management PPT with PDF

The flow of products and storage of products in an organization and outside of an organization is called as logistics. The vital objective of it is complete customer satisfaction and a single organization gets involved in logistics management, it is an activity of supply chain management. So, logistics management involves the operations like implementation, planning, and controlling an effective flow of raw materials, storage of raw materials, and finished products. There are seven “R”s that are related to logistics management and those are as below:

  • Right product
  • Right quantity
  • Right condition
  • Right place
  • Right customer
  • Right time
  • Right price

The network of logistics is explained in the below diagram:

Fig1: Network of Logistics

The criteria for vendor selection:

Vendors are selected based on two parameters and those are as below:

  • Necessary standards
  • Desirable standards

The factors that come under necessary standards are as follows:

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  • Quality
  • Financial considerations
  • Capability
  • Reliability

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The factors that come under desirable standards are as follows:

  • Location
  • Support
  • Training
  • Reputation

Distribution channel:

A group of intermediate firms which involve in the production process or in services that are availed by customers or business people is known as a distribution channel. The decisions of a channel are the vital decisions which are faced by management and these will affect the other decisions of marketing too. The functions of the distribution channel are as below:

  • Risk-taking
  • Financing
  • Negotiation
  • Data
  • Promotion
  • Physical distribution
  • Contacting
  • Matching

Consumer marketing channels and levels:

For the good performance of channels, the struggle has to be managed. Channels work very effectively when all the members do their tasks well and struggle or difficulty occurs when this process does not happen. The consumer marketing channels and levels are two different types and those are direct and indirect. These methods explain about the distribution of products from the manufacturer to a retailer and from retailer to customer and other similar relations. These direct and indirect methods are explained in the below diagrams:

  1. Direct method:

Raw Deal Pdf Free Download Online

Channel 1:

2. Indirect method:

Channel 2:

Channel 3:


Channel 4:

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Logistics functions:

The functions of logistics management are explained in the below diagrams:

Fig3: Logistics Functions

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  1. Costs: it reduces costs of attaining logistics aims.
  2. Transportation: the transportation includes various methods for transporting goods like trucks i.e. roadways, railways, waterways and airways and also through the system of a pipeline. Selecting the mode of transportation to depend on the factors like:
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Dependability
  • Availability
  • Capability
  1. Inventory: this function works on the order of products or goods like when to order, quantity to order and just-in-time factor.
  2. Warehousing: warehousing is about the storage and distribution, they differ in terms of following parameters:
  • The type of facility availed
  • Material value
  • An ability to perish
  1. Order processing: this function is about shipping the products which are ordered and also delivering those.

The explanation of logistics in a simple manner is as follows:

The supply of raw materials, materials management in a firm and distribution of it to customers is known as logistics management.

Fig 4: Logistics Explanation

There is a little confusion with the definition of logistics management because there are various terminologies availed to explain logistics management and those are as below:

  • Logistics management
  • Business logistics management
  • Integrated logistics management
  • Marketing logistics management
  • Materials management
  • Physical distribution management
  • Product flow management
  • Procurement and supply
  • Industrial logistics management

Integrated logistics management identified that furnishing best service to the customers and costs of trimming distribution needs teamwork in the company and in the complete marketing channels of an organization.

Raw Deal Pdf free. download full

Content of the PPT and PDF for Logistics Management

  • What is logistics & logistics management?
  • Main fields within logistics
  • Activities involved in logistics management
  • Types of logistics
  • Objectives of logistics
  • Logistics has gained importance
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

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