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Posted : admin On 1/10/2022
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Division Information 2021-2022
Division 0
Part of District 38
Division Officers
easy-Speak support Anne Golden, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: Daytime Phone: 267-896-9120
easy-Speak support Sheila Erespe, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
easy-Speak support Joshua Smith, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
easy-Speak support Bill Krouse, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: 717-774-4031Daytime Phone: 717-774-4031
Areas in Division 0
Area 10 Area DirectorLeslie Arnold, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 11 Area Directorrahul_nieE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 12 Area DirectorrogkelE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 13 Area DirectorMGUSAFE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 14 Area DirectorBrian HouserE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 20 Area DirectorDaveM2020E-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 21 Area DirectorSushilaSubr, ACB CLE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 22 Area DirectorBeth Spies, ACG ALSE-mail
Evening Phone: Daytime Phone:
Mobile 484 868 5661
Area 23 Area DirectorClara ThorneE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 24 Area DirectorLisaGereE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 30 Area DirectorKellyWintE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 31 Area DirectorDeboraBr744E-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 33 Area DirectorJenniferTomc, ACB CLE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 34 Area DirectorViral_TE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 35 Area DirectorJorgeCardE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 40 Area Directorbobros, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 42 Area DirectorThomasSc757E-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 43 Area DirectormalapentE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 44 Area DirectorSteColE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 50 Area DirectorCraigB2020E-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 51 Area DirectorDwayneFlor, CCE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 52 Area DirectorAriValE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 53 Area DirectorChrisDennE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 54 Area DirectorJoshua Smith, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile 610-568-4829
Area 60 Area Directorchrisbor, CC CLE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 61 Area DirectorNishidSh239E-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 62 Area Directorvincri, CC ALBE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 63 Area DirectorDnyanadaB2020E-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 71 Area DirectorbbeverlynneE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 72 Area DirectorPatE45, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 73 Area DirectormichbroE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 80 Area DirectorCarWatE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 81 Area DirectorLCrudupE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 82 Area DirectorLue Drummond, DTME-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 83 Area DirectorHanhYu415E-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Area 84 Area DirectorrdpressE-mail
Evening Phone: (Hidden)Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
Mobile (Hidden)
Clubs Division 0
AreaClub NameClub NumberPresidentE-mail
10Conestoga Club1090CraigB2020(Hidden)
10Donegal Insurance Group Toastmasters Club4565024michguld(Hidden)
10Elizabethtown Toastmasters7184479Kevinsc, CC(Hidden)
10Lancaster General Health Toastmasters Club3250842LGHLaPaz, CC CL(Hidden)
10Red Rose Toastmasters680950DonNef, ACB(Hidden)
11Central Penn Club2118GaleS2020, CC(Hidden)
11HYP Toastmasters1748386nasmasters(Hidden)
11PDE Toastmasters Club9346Ken Eng, CC(Hidden)
11Penn Harris Toastmasters Club2128Linda McLaughlin, ACB CL(Hidden)
11Toastmasters of Camp Curtin1234146Tina Jefferson, CC ALB(Hidden)
12Carlisle Community Toastmasters7201113H-HMC(Hidden)
12Now Hear This465jillaz(Hidden)
12Scholastic Toastmasters1437817gomati1(Hidden)
12West Shore Toastmasters Club227RicharTh918(Hidden)
13Effective Communicators9129Hector Ortiz, DTM(Hidden)
13Gannett Fleming Toastmasters Club2658Hector Ortiz, DTM(Hidden)
13Stunning Speakers7377767HansWe263(Hidden)
13Susquehanna Advanced1555961airpade, ACS CL(Hidden)
13Susquehanna Icebreaker Club9945DRogan(Hidden)
14Sunflake Toastmasters6655787jacqbrz(Hidden)
14White Rose Club5287SiddhePa173(Hidden)
14York Toastmasters Club2435ShaKes(Hidden)
20PMI Speaks7182392IngerHa366(Hidden)
20SAP Toastmasters @ NSQ3356109RachelW2(Hidden)
20State Farm Toastmasters Club2926Amina Lowery(Hidden)
21Cerner Toastmasters Club8300LindsayHe(Hidden)
21Speaking Guaranteed1645608Mara Wager, CC
21Zoetis Exton Toastmasters7572037SusannKa799(Hidden)
22Janssen Malvern Toastmasters4801724HollyWell(Hidden)
22Majestic Toastmasters3867355MichaeBu236(Hidden)
22Speech Illustrated Toastmasters5870693WilliaMo866(Hidden)
22Voicing Great Ideas Toastmasters Club4838477ShawnDa810(Hidden)
23Chester County Toastmasters946cmp32(Hidden)
23DePuy Synthes AALC6500296FrederHa100(Hidden)
23Downingtown Toastmasters1772531Subhadevi(Hidden)
23Moodys Analytics, Inc (ECCA)4413062cortezja(Hidden)
24Boeing Helicopters Club3716SANDRAPI292(Hidden)
24Brutally Honest Toastmasters7694642BashaM, DTM(Hidden)
24Stand and Deliver ACFC Toastmasters4215555David Shera(Hidden)
24The Confabulators!6643764AndrewMo256(Hidden)
30Community Impact TM (P)7943247Viral_T(Hidden)
30Fox Professional Speakers593456NinaRa508(Hidden)
30Panorama Toastmasters Club9669BobbyKh523(Hidden)
30Philly Phonetics7783641GeneveDu571(Hidden)
31CHOP Toastmasters Club7182865CatherEg173(Hidden)
31North America Chinese Bilingual Toastmasters7847110yongli(Hidden)
31University City Toastmasters1304762lsgal15(Hidden)
32Bell Noontime Club2988WattaKe611(Hidden)
34Chubb Philadelphia Toastmasters3146251WendyCl424(Hidden)
34GSK Navy Yard Toastmasters7456966MichaeMi740(Hidden)
34Sub & Surface Club2886MargaretKeny(Hidden)
35Delivered With Excellence6870216windif(Hidden)
35Positively Charged Toastmasters798761Ken Krawchuk, DTM(Hidden)
35SEPTA Toastmasters3349720JoyceGreg CL(Hidden)
40Jersey Shore Toastmasters6070WilliamBric(Hidden)
40McGuire Achievers 31113111juliabail(Hidden)
40Silver Tongues6692SheritaSing(Hidden)
41Atomic Orators7280111LindaDo437(Hidden)
41Rowan Toastmasters4890231jfpick56(Hidden)
42Swede Talkers Toastmasters1460223Lisa Aliquo(Hidden)
42Voorhees Toastmasters Club1009854MaryJo266(Hidden)
43NIB (National Industries for the Blind)7855501Senetra Burgess(Hidden)
43Our Toastmaster's Voice6280malapent(Hidden)
43Xfinity Communicators2556837DevangnaK2020(Hidden)
44Moorestown Area Toastmasters Club4887ThomasSt531, CC(Hidden)
44TD Toasts3887322JuanitJo733(Hidden)
44Toastmasters In Unity Club755315JulieCogl(Hidden)
50CNH America Toastmasters3155DanielHerr(Hidden)
50Community Toastmasters of Reading4891RobinSm213(Hidden)
50Ephrata 'Cloister' Club3011ernestw(Hidden)
50Laboratory Leaders Toastmasters Club6710807JuliaMat(Hidden)
50Reading Toastmasters Club714KasiDott(Hidden)
51Electric City Toastmasters1607DwayneFlor, CC(Hidden)
51Mondelez International Toastmasters3451218AlexOl748(Hidden)
52Guardian Toastmasters Bethlehem7424095AshleyWa175(Hidden)
52Lehigh Valley Toastmasters Club2706NicholJa787(Hidden)
52PPL Power Talkers Club6655AndrewKu828(Hidden)
53Concretely Speaking Club5980DustinLe953(Hidden)
53Kutztown Area Toastmasters1347465TimothTi360(Hidden)
53Sunrise Toastmasters8388KimHe692(Hidden)
54Greater Susquehanna Valley Toastmasters583321Annef18(Hidden)
54Greater Williamsport Club2960DavidTa458(Hidden)
60ETS Toastmasters Club5087TShetter, DTM(Hidden)
60Mercer's Best Toastmasters3375AndrewHa166(Hidden)
60Peak Performance Advanced Club5575734George Philip, DTM(Hidden)
61Becoming Masterful Speakers8209NicoleGrig(Hidden)
61Ewing Masters of Toast7470275niguzm(Hidden)
61Lawrenceville Toastmasters Club1376JenniferStee, CC(Hidden)
61Princeton Toastmasters Club3954MJT115(Hidden)
62CLIMB Toastmasters6861933RebeccMi808(Hidden)
62Janssen Titusville Toastmasters5502002DanielBe660(Hidden)
62Lower Bucks Toastmasters8892Jeanette McVeigh, DTM609.647.6883
62Washington Crossing Toastmasters1100vincri, CC ALB(Hidden)
63LWD Toastmasters Club4773Deborah Darbee, DTM(Hidden)
63Mary E. Brown Treasury Toastmasters930192TempesteJohn(Hidden)
63NJDEP Toastmasters2125917Julieli1(Hidden)
63NJOIT Toastmasters5241909BrendaSilv(Hidden)
64ML Bull Masters682559JacquelineSant(Hidden)
64NJ D.O.T. Toastmasters610159AnkitaJ, CC(Hidden)
64Standards of Excellence Toastmasters7224532Jeanette McVeigh, DTM609.647.6883
64Toastmasters by the Pond1316482JoanK2020(Hidden)
70AmerisourceBergen3655462GTinney, CC ALB(Hidden)
70Main Line Toastmasters Club1198AshleyFa715(Hidden)
70SmithKline Speecham Club7621RobertSanc(Hidden)
70We The Speakers9376BreeanSo666(Hidden)
71Bethel And Pottstown Community Toastmasters1530453Curtis Rutledge, CC(Hidden)
71Koinonia Speakers1234456Scott Cass, DTM(Hidden)
71NTC5769438JBBinder, ACB(Hidden)
71Pfizer5189Beth Spies, ACG ALS
72Covenant Toastmasters Club4479SylviaC2020(Hidden)
72Haverford Toastmasters7060296NeilD1(Hidden)
72Main Line Speaks2813954ellewil(Hidden)
72Overbrook Toastmasters Club7812685JessicPo533(Hidden)
72Phly Phorum1244863NikkiK2020, CC CL(Hidden)
73Arkema Toastmasters6625197JarretSc290(Hidden)
73GCSP First Avenue Speakers7532319Srini.R(Hidden)
73High Voltage Toasters3365583ChidiogoI2020(Hidden)
73Valley Forge Toastmasters1128Shelly-Liyiran Xia(Hidden)
73Vertex Toastmasters Guild4543066GrahamWica(Hidden)
80Berkadia Toastmasters7645750Donna DeSimone2153283342
80Eastern Penn Advanced Toastmasters Club5666416Juanita Seon Leary, ACB ALB1-786-226-4887
80In-Person Toastmasters3474192Ken Krawchuk, DTM(Hidden)
80JBI Toastmasters2070356RajVai(Hidden)
81Almac Toastmasters3760717RuthGa616(Hidden)
81Blue Bell Toastmasters397Meg Fosco, DTM(Hidden)
81Doylestown Club1540HanhYu415(Hidden)
81Harleysville Toastmasters 625785Meg Fosco, DTM(Hidden)
82Independence Club1907MichelleW2020(Hidden)
82Jolly Road Toastmasters Club819848KayleiTi673(Hidden)
82Merck West Point Toastmasters7848Eileen Fonseca267-421-4626
83Fort Washington Communicators Toastmasters643401ToniMulh, CC(Hidden)
83Horsham Consortium3600880Radha Pillai(Hidden)
83Toastmasters at the Fort6570240JasonMa888(Hidden)
83Toastmasters At The Rock712981DarianRo550(Hidden)
84Northeast Philly Toastmasters1134526Aileen Hill, ACB ALB(Hidden)
84Philadelphias First Toastmasters Club541DeniseRyka, CC ALB(Hidden)
1D38 Support Team0Sheila Erespe, DTM(Hidden)
Data marked 'Hidden' are only available to Club & District Officers

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