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Training for sessions to be delivered within the framework of the project 'Social competence training and other supporting measures in newly developed training courses'. Direct Target Group of the Training: trainers with experience in delivering training to facilitate. If recommended for training, and if the Assistive Technology Trainer is the same as the Assistive Technology Provider, then an appointment slot(s) will be arranged within 10 working days of you receiving your Assistive Technology. We provide options for both online and face-to-face. sessions adapting to your style of learning.

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A Guide for Libraries

“Librarians have become navigators on the sea of the Internet, and The Accidental Technology Trainer is a tool as useful as a compass! This book will strengthen those professional training skills that are essential for successful 21st century librarians.”

— Susan Hildreth, State Librarian of California

The Accidental Technology Trainer PDF Free Download 64 Bit

Here is an extremely useful and reassuring guide for library staff who find themselves newly responsible for technology training—whether in computer labs, classrooms, or one-on-one with library users. Stephanie Gerding addresses the most common concerns of new trainers, recommends great tools and techniques, and shares helpful advice from many of her fellow tech trainers.

The Accidental Technology Trainer will help you get up to speed quickly and become a more confident and successful trainer. You’ll learn how to integrate expert tips and tricks and leverage your natural skills to ensure excellent results. If you are faced with technology training needs for which you do not feel fully prepared, The Accidental Technology Trainer is the book you’ve been waiting for!


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