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  • Title: Faith and The Marketplace
  • Author : Bill Winston
  • Release Date : January 01, 2016
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance,Books,Health, Mind & Body,Self-Improvement,Religion & Spirituality,
  • Pages : * pages
  • Size : 838 KB

The Career Catapult PDF Free Download

The Career Catapult PDF Free Download


Catapult Sports Performance

Faith and the Marketplace is a life-transforming book on the supernatural business of the kingdom of God, and a kingdom leadership playbook that promises to catapult you to the next level of your career, profession, business, or ministry. You will learn how to build your faith in God and understand His perfect plan for your life. Your faith was never meant to be separated from your work or business life. Bill Winston meticulously details throughout this book how the two work together. In God's kingdom, you are either a king or a priest. Kings are marketplace ministers who serve in government, business, education, media, the family, and arts and entertainment. Priests are those who serve as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher, or what is commonly referred to as the five-fold ministry. Through a multitude of scriptures, his own life story, and the engaging stories of others, Bill Winston explains why God is calling for the restoration of the unbeatable team of kings and priests to bring faith back into the marketplace, and to advance His kingdom around the world. Bill Winston has served as both a king (in the military and business world) and now a priest, and has been graced by God to reach this topic of faith and the marketplace like no one else.

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The Career Catapult PDF Free Download Books