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Biodata format is a simple version of the resume. Biodata forms give a summary of your personal details, educational details, and work experience details in a simple form. Here you can download simple blank biodata formats which you can use to apply for any job.

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Bio Data Format 1

Bio Data Format 2

Bio Data Format 3

Bio Data Format 4

Bio Data Format 5

Bio Data Format 6

Bio Data Form 7

Bio Data Format 8

Bio Data Format 9

Bio Data Format for Fresher 1

Bio Data Format for Fresher 2

New Biodata Formats

How to Prepare Good Bio Data Format for Job

Job biodata formats can be prepared in either MS Word or Google Docs. You can download the above free biodata formats in word formats and you can make edits as per your requirements.

Tips to Make Good Bio Data Format

  1. A biodata format should be simple and always try to keep the biodata format to a single page. So that it becomes easy for the interviewer to read your details.
  2. Don’t use fancy fonts, which makes your biodata weird. The best fonts for the biodata format are Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, Segoe Ui, Times New Roman.
  3. Never forget to mention your contact details on the biodata. Mobile number and Email id are must on any biodata format. So that you will not miss any communication from the employer.

Difference Between Bio Data, Resume and CV

In the olden days people used the word bio data more frequently. But bio data is a shorter form of resume. It consists of your basic details like your name, dob, father’s name, gender, educations, and work experience.

Whereas in resume you. need to write elaborated details. In most case, bio data format should be limited to 1 page and the resume can consist of 1-3 pages.

CV means Curriculum Vitae, it is a longer form of biodata. It consists of your research works, experience details, and project works in a more elaborated way.

When to Submit Bio Data/Resume/ CV

BioData: You can submit biodata format when your job needs only your basic details, and whenever you don’t have time to prepare a resume then you can just take the printout of the bio data and write down your details.

Resume: A resume is widely used as an instrument to apply for jobs, whenever you have time and whenever you want to showcase your details in a more descriptive way then you can use a resume.

CV: Curriculum Vitae can be used whenever you are applying for research-related jobs or studies and scholarships.

FAQS Related to Bio Data

What is the format of bio data

There is no fixed format for biodata, you can be creative in making your bio data format but always keep it simple and shorter.

How many pages my bio data should be

It is better to adjust your information to fit in 1 page of biodata format. If it is not possible to adjust then you can add another page.

Can I send bio data format instead of Resume

Yes, you can send it. It is not a problem. But if you have time to prepare a resume then it is better to make a resume for yourself.

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Do you have newsworthy information that you want to share on social media, media outlets, and industry magazines?

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Template #1: Acquisition Press Release

Mergers and acquisitions are very newsworthy in any company. This press release will help you spread the word when your company is acquired by another company, large or small.

This free press release template can help you communicate the change in an efficient way without using a large budget.

What you’ll find inside?

As many of the templates you’ll see in this list, there are easily adjustable fields inside for all of the relevant information including the media contact email and phone number, the date for release, a call to action, etc. in a simple format that you can customize for your industry and business needs.

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Who is it for?

This template can be used by any B2B, B2C, or enterprise business that has been acquired by another organization.

When to use?

When your company gets acquired by a new business, this is important information that requires a press statement so stakeholders and your target audience are aware of the change.

Template #2: Book Press Release

The book press release template is to be used by authors who have recently finished publishing a book and are looking to increase awareness for their book launch. Get people interested in covering your work without spending your publisher’s promotional budget on expensive press release formats.

What you’ll find inside?

This effective press release template contains a dateline and body paragraphs with adjustable fields for your book title, release date, release location, information about your book’s content, etc.

Who is it for?

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This template works great for first-time authors, experienced authors published on Amazon or other channels and publishers.

When to use?

It’s important to use this template as soon as your book is published to gain interest with bloggers, media outlets, and influencers. Include your book cover to draw in your target audience and make them want to read your new book.

Template #3: Event Press Release

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The event press release is good for one-time events, such as a product launch, season events, or annual gatherings. Hosting an event can be a lot of work but a well-written event press release will ensure that plenty of guests show up and your planning does not go to waste.

What you’ll find inside?

You’ll find several sections in the template such as a place for your headline, company logo, body paragraphs, boilerplate and more. Some of these areas will have adjustable fields so all you have to do is update them with your events information.

Who is it for?

This press release will be beneficial for brands hosting an event for a new product or service, small businesses hosting community events, and enterprises wanting to promote the grand opening of new locations.

When to use?

We mentioned a few examples above but there are countless reasons a business might hold an event. No matter how large or small your event will be, it is a good idea to send out a press release to gain exposure through news outlets and other distribution services.

Template #4: Music Press Release

If you are a recording artist who just released a new song, album, tour dates, or music video, this press release is for you. New music and artists are constantly entering the industry so this press release template can be used to help you get exposure for yourself and your music.

What you’ll find inside?

Besides the normal body copy with adjustable fields for important information like your phone number, recording name, song/album title, etc., you’ll also find press release examples from leading artists like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Justin Timberlake.

Who is it for?

This template can be helpful for new artists that need exposure, record labels with a newsworthy announcement, or music professionals who would rather focus on their music instead of drafting up a news release.

When to use?

This template can be used at any stage of your musical career, no matter if you are releasing your first single or announcing a global tour. You can also use other sample press releases, like the event press release, to further your journey as an artist.

Template #5: New CEO Press Release

This new hire press release is specifically designed for the announcement of a new Chief Executive Officer but it’s important to announce any change in your executive staff. For larger companies, this warm welcome is usually carefully crafted by the public relations team but this template will help smaller organizations get media coverage from relevant content marketing outlets.

What you’ll find inside?

A straight forward press release example in a convenient PDF or Microsoft word downloadable format. The template includes a headline, short paragraph, and contact information section with adjustable fields so you can easily customize it for your business.

Who is it for?

This template is for any business owner who does not have a public relations department to craft announcements for changes in leadership or any corporation that is looking for an efficient way to announce its new CEO.

When to use?

The CEO Code PDF Free Download

Your board of directors and stakeholders will want to be informed of any changes in leadership, especially the CEO, so this template can be used to provide that information in a quick and successful way.

Template #6: Non-Profit Press Release

If you’re a non-profit, you will most likely have news, statements, or new fundraising campaigns that you will want to get to the public.

This free press release template can help you promote your fundraisers in an efficient way without using a large budget.

What you’ll find inside?

You can find easily adjustable fields for all of the relevant information including media contact information, release date, call to action, etc. in a simple format.

Who is it for?

This template is great for non-profits that want to get newsworthy information out or to try and garner attention for an upcoming fundraising event.

When to use?

If you have an upcoming fundraising event that you need to promote, this press release template is a great resource to follow to get the word out.

Template #7: Partnership Press Release

The partnership press release is a good resource for new partnerships or collaborations that you want the public to know about. Get the word out with our template, without having to hire an expense press release writing service.

What you’ll find inside?

A step-by-step guide on crafting the perfect but simple press release that can be sent to media outlets as is and distributed to your target audience. You’ll find several sections in the template such as a place for your headline, company logo, body paragraphs, boilerplate and more.

Who is it for?

This template can be used by tech companies, B2C, or enterprise companies to let their audience know what they can expect from the new partnership.

When to use?

When you have a new partnership it’s important to be the one that announces the news first and to get the news out to as many people as possible.

Template #8: Product Launch Press Release

Our product launch press release will help guide you to create your very own effective press release when you have a new product that you want to promote.

A new product is exciting and can create a “buzz” online about your business, so you’ll want to spread the good news to media outlets and this template will help you do exactly that.

What you’ll find inside?

You’ll find several adjustable sections in our template including the headline, first paragraph, main paragraph, contact information, bullet points for product highlights, etc. For your convenience, you can find the template in both Word and PDF.

Who is it for?

Any company that wants to spread the news and bring awareness about a new product launch can use this handy template. Whether you are a B2B or B2C, this template is perfect for any occasion.

When to use?

It’s important to use this template as soon as you have a new product that you want the public to be made aware of so it can be shared across all social media. Don’t stop at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Use this press release to gain exposure through Snapchat, Tik Tok, and other platforms as well.

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Template #9: Sports Press Release

Is there a major change within your organization like a new player or a player transfer? Are ticket prices increasing at your stadium and you want to let your team’s fans know about it?

Look no further if you have any newsworthy trades, sponsorships, or special upcoming events, our sports press release template will help get the most important information across to the public.

What you’ll find inside?

A simple press release template that is catered for the sports industry to help communicate your announcement effectively. You can adjust sections such as the headline, paragraphs, and contact information.

Who is it for?

This template can be used for major or minor sports teams that want to convey a change to the public, and it can be distributed as is across all search engines, social platforms, and media outlets.

When to use?

When you have a new player or other announcements, you will want it to come across clearly through the pr newswire and most importantly your fans. Use this template to make the process easy for you.

Template #10: Startup Press Release

This startup press release template can be used to announce new product launches or to share a company milestone that you want to share with your target audience in a clear and concise way.

What you’ll find inside?

Adjustable fields for your press release for the key pieces of information such as the date, headline name, paragraph structure, and any additional information you would want to provide.

View examples from ultra-successful companies to help guide you on creating the perfect press release for your company.

The CEO Code PDF Free Download

Who is it for?


This template can be used for B2B or B2C companies wanting to announce newly created companies to gain attention for possible new funding and to build trust among their future customers.

When to use?

You can use this template as soon as your company is established to raise awareness around your brand, logo, products and services. This will help build a solid reputation with your target market.

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