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The story of humanity is the story of textiles — as old as civilization itself. Since the first thread was spun, the need for textiles has driven technology, business, politics, and culture. In The Fabric of Civilization, Virginia Postrel synthesizes groundbreaking research from archaeology, economics, and science to reveal a surprising history. Which ate deep into the fabric of old Europe, his pen proved mightier than all the sceptres of its kings. To ignore Voltaire is to ignore history. My object, however, in introducing to English readers these few characteristic specimens of his anti-clerical work is not solely to bespeak some gratefulness for the toleration and freedom.

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MUSC 111 Music of Western Civilization (4) An introduction to the great music of Western civilization from the Middle Ages to the present. The course begins with a discussion of the elements of music and proceeds with a chronological overview of music history.


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  1. An Overview of Western Civilization Hebrews (1800-500 BCE) ca. 1800 BCE: Abraham leaves Ur 1800-1200 BCE: The Age of the Patriarchs 1200-1000 BCE: The Age of the Judges 1000-920 BCE: The United Kingdom Saul, David, Solomon 920-586 BCE: The Period of the Two Kingdoms 712 BCE: The Fall of Israel to the Assyrians 586-539 BCE: The Babylonian Captivity.
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  3. The Western tradition is the source of America’s founding principles and constitutional system. That is the most important reason for civic-minded citizens to study it. And while America has been shaped by the particularities of Western civilization, the liberal principles nurtured.


Western Civilization I


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This hybrid textbook and open course is a comprehensive set of teaching materials for Western Civilization I (until 1648), created through a Round Six ALG Textbook Transformation Grant.

Files are compressed into .zip folder format by lesson here. You can also view the original open course through LibGuides at East Georgia State College:

Topics covered include prehistory and ancient history by region, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Reformation.

Accessible files with optical character recognition (OCR) and auto-tagging provided by the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation.

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Western Civilization I

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HIST 1111

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 License.

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A History Of Music In Western Civilization Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Spring 2018


The Fabric Of Civilization PDF Free Download

University System of Georgia


Western Civilization, world history




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McKinney, Dee and Shepard, Katie, 'Western Civilization I' (2018). History Open Textbooks. 3.

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Western world


The Western world , also known as the West , refers to various regions , nations and states , depending on the context, most often consisting of the majority of Europe , [a] Northern America and Australasia. It might mean the Northern half of the North—South divide. Ancient Greece [c] and Ancient Rome [d] are generally considered to be the birthplaces of Western civilization—Greece having heavily influenced Rome—the former due to its impact on philosophy , democracy , science , aesthetics , as well as building designs and proportions and architecture ; the latter due to its influence on art , law , warfare , governance , republicanism , engineering and religion. Western civilization is also strongly associated with Christianity [9] and to a lesser extent, with Judaism , which is in turn shaped by Hellenistic philosophy and Roman culture. The concept of the Western part of the earth has its roots in the theological, methodological and emphatical division between the Western Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. By the mid- 20th century , Western culture was exported worldwide through the emergent mass media : film, radio, television and recorded music; and the development and growth of international transport and telecommunication such as transatlantic cable and the radiotelephone played a decisive role in modern globalization.

Despite the ravages of plague and warfare across Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries, a movement began that would change the nature of many aspects of society; that movement would became known as the Renaissance. Beginning in Italy in the early s and taking hold in the rest of Europe much later, the Renaissance was a burst of creative energy that impacted nearly everything from art to diplomacy. New industries such as mining and metallurgy developed, and banking became a more professional and sophisticated trade. In terms of society, the Renaissance redefined what it meant to be a noble, with the expectation that war would be only one of many things aristocrats would study. For peasants and townspeople distinct classes began to emerge, from city leaders known as patricians to the artisans that worked in towns and the poverty stricken laborers seeking after odds jobs.


This is part of our special feature, Imagining, Thinking, and Teaching Europe. While still taught at many universities today, Western Civilization courses are now often presented as general European history survey courses—a holdover from a bygone era. Irrespective of publication date, each student located an affordable, used western civilization textbook that covered from antiquity to date. Each week in the seminar, students were responsible for locating, assigning, and leading discussions about primary sources that challenged the histories found in their textbooks. This article helps show professors ways in which they can teach survey textbooks more critically and make their course more than a stale survey of European History.

A Concise Survey of Western Civilization

A History Of Music In Western Civilization Pdf Free Download Free

Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. In this second edition of The Rise of Western Power , Jonathan Daly retains the broad sweep of his introduction to the history of Western civilization as well as introducing new material into every chapter, enhancing the book's global coverage and engaging with the latest historical debates. The West's history is one of extraordinary success: no other region, empire, culture, or civilization has left so powerful a mark upon the world. Daly charts the West's achievements-representative government, the free enterprise system, modern science, and the rule of law-as well as its misdeeds: two World Wars, the Holocaust, imperialistic domination, and the Atlantic slave trade. Taking us through a series of revolutions, he explores the contributions of other cultures and civilizations to the West's emergence, weaving in historical, geographical, and cultural factors.

Music In Western Civilization Cd

Virginia Postrel Fabric Of Civilization

Publisher: Portland Community College. The text is very comprehensive in terms of the number of civilizations and cultures covered. In fact, I wonder if even a week semester would suffice to cover them. It is gratifying to see a fairly detailed chapter on Islamic civilization. Comprehensiveness rating: 3 see less. The text is also quite comprehensive in its survey of political and military events.

A Concise Survey of Western Civilization. This engaging text offers a concise, readable description of our common Western heritage. Providing a tightly focused narrative and interpretive structure, Brian Pavlac covers the basic historical information that all educated adults should know. Supremacy, Pavlac shows, seeks stability, order, and incorporation. These concepts of historical tension and change, whether applied to political, economic, technological, social, or cultural trends, offer a cohesive explanatory organization.

A History Of Western Music Pdf

Readings in Western Civilization

Celebrated authors, fresh content and award-winning technology. We invite you to hear about the McGraw-Hill history experience from instructors and students. Connect for History is an easy-to-use learning platform that gives instructors access to assignable and assessable tools to engage students and compliment instruction. Tools like primary sources and interactive maps are tied to learning objectives and are designed to support student success and help bring history to life for students.

The Fabric Of Civilization PDF Free Download 64 Bit

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